WEVO-Casting Resin PU 552 FLX tested according to NF F 16-101

Encapsulants for electric and electronic devices in public transport applicatons usually have to be flame retardant or self-extinguishing. This means they need properties according to the norm UL94.

Nevertheless, also self-extinguishing plastic materials develop fumes. In case of fire a long "time to escape" is necessary to safe lifes. For this reason, norms like the french railway norm NF F 16 101 define not only the flammability, but also fume density and toxicity according to the indices I and F.

The Index I represents the values of Glow wire test and Oxygen index. The results of fume density and toxicity define the index F. WEVO-Casting Resin PU 552 FLX was now approved according to NF F16-101, classing I2/F2. This corresponds to a glow wire test at 850°C and an equivalent low fume density.