New class H and B Epoxy resin with UL certification

Globalisation and world wide trade demand increasingly for certified products. One of the best known certification institutes is probably the Underwriter Laboratories. A UL certification is almost mandatory for products on the NAFTA market.

Being a leading supplier for two component casting resins for middle and low voltage applications, WEVO started many years ago to certify its products according to UL. The WEVO-CHEMIE UL file with the number E108835 comprises numerous PU-Casting Resins as well as hotmelts. In order to service an even wider spectrum of our customer’s applications, WEVO decided to certify also two epoxy resins proven in performance:

  • WEVOPOX 8260 FL with WEVODUR 1018 – hot curing epoxy
    for operation temperature -40°C to 180°C. The material cures during 60 min at 80 °C further 2 – 4 h at 110 °C.
  • WEVOPOX 8260 FL with WEVODUR 520 – thermoset epoxy
    for applications in the range -40°C to 130°C. The system cures at room temperature or – for accelerated curing – at elevated temperature.

The resin component of both systems contains a mineral filler providing the material with self-extinguish properties. The resin contains no halogenated flame-retardants. Due to the high content of mineral fillers, this resin shows low shrinkage during polymerisation. The elastified system shows good performance in thermal cycle tests.

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