International Standards

WEVO-CHEMIE has been awarded certification by UL according to UL 1446 standard for 3 insulation systems.

In recent years WEVO-CHEMIE has established itself worldwide as a reliable and competent partner in the automotive and electronic industry.Applications in this sector require the highest quality, reliability and product safety. The key to the success of the family-owned company lies behind its corporate philosophy:  the consistent high quality level combined with certifications according to ISO/TS 16949 and a systematic focus on all aspects of customer needs. With the view on global trade, certification and inspection approvals will gain in importance. One of the world's most established certifications is the American UL-symbol. For this reason, WEVO-CHEMIE has certified various products according to UL-1446. The UL is in the United States the leading organisation in the field of electrical product safety. The organisation is independent and checks products in terms of their specific characteristics.

WEVO-CHEMIE offers 3 UL-listed Insulation Systems,

two of thermal class B           - WEVO-Vergussmasse PU 552FL, PU 512 FL, PU 411, PU 323
                                 - long-term thermal stability at temperature up to 130 ºC

and one of thermal class F  - WEVO-Vergussmasse PU 552 FL, PU 512 FL, PU 411, PU 323,
                                                   - long-term thermal stability at temperature up to 155 ºC.

A large number of manufacturers and subcontractors in the electronic and electrical Industry already trust WEVO-CHEMIE´s casting resins and adhesives.

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