For many people in Germany, 1945 was “zero hour”. For Heinz Wenzel, it was one of the greatest moments of his life. This was the moment when he founded Wevo, a company that has become an international leader in quality and innovation, particularly in the field of electrical casting resins.

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Founded by Heinz Wenzel and Friedrich Vollmer in Stuttgart
Shoe glues, solvent-based glues, waxes
Production capacity expansion Relocation to Ostfildern
Glues based on epoxy and polyurethane resins
Further expansion of production and administration
Development of the first electrical casting resins on a polyurethane basis
Polyamide hot-melt glues for the filter industry
Owner Heinz Wenzel retires
Dr. Gustav Neidlinger appointed CEO
First UL approval
Low-flammability electrical casting resins for insulation classes B and F
Production of Bosch special products taken over
New factory built in Ostfildern – Kemnat
Polyester hot-melt glues for the filter industry
First activities in China
New products for solar and wind power applications
ISO TS 16949 certification
Capacity expansion and complete move to new factory building
Development of thermally conductive products on polyurethane, epoxy and silicone basis
Site expansion through acquisition of more land
Further development of epoxy systems for insulation class H
Establishment of companies in Hong Kong and China
Development in the field of autonomous driving
Certification to ISO 14001 : 2015
Coating solutions for protection against e-corrosion
Certification to ISO 45001:2018
Establishment of a company in Singapore


Post-war years

After the war, many things were in short supply in Germany, including good shoes. In those post-war years, Wevo’s glues made sturdy, long-lasting products possible and kept people well shod. In addition, Wevo started developing sealants, including one for temperatures of up to 800 °C.


Wevo’s contribution to West Germany’s "economic miracle" consisted of two-component glue systems based on polyurethane and epoxy resins. Ski manufacturers in particular achieved record sales with innovative epoxy laminating resins.


As digital microprocessors now allowed electronic components to be connected to subsystems, the automotive industry was increasingly moving into electronics, with the first significant progress being made in electronic engine control. The introduction of the first emission norms also triggered the development of electronic components. Wevo’s reputation as an innovator grew with numerous pioneering developments in electro casting resins for automotive electronics, which had to meet increasing demands with respect to temperature and chemical resistance.

1980s and 1990s

In the 1980s, Wevo’s polyamide hot-melt glues were amongst the first hot-melts for glue-bonding automotive filters and marked a significant step  in the company history. The next milestone was the appointment of Dr Gustav Neidlinger as Managing Director, who steered the company into an era of marked expansion. In the 1990s Wevo developed flame-retardant electrical casting resins for the high-insulation classes B and F, resulting in the first UL listing in 1993.

2000 to now

In 2004 Wevo undertook its first activities in China in response to the growing importance of the Asian market for electrical and electronic components. This paved the way for the establishment of Wevo subsidiaries in Guangzhou (to serve mainland China) and Hong Kong (for the rest of Asia) in 2014. Driven by the growth in demand for its products, Wevo expanded its capacities throughout this period. Thermal management was also becoming increasingly important due to ever-smaller electronic components and the launch of automotive hybrid technology. Wevo’s responded by developing a thermal-conductive polyurethane, silicone and epoxy resins portfolio.

Today, Wevo’s tailored resins for electrical and electronic components are indispensable in the automotive, home, engineering and energy sectors. Wherever solutions are needed for casting or bonding applications, Wevo makes them possible. 1,250 customers worldwide are now benefiting from more than 500 different products supplied by Wevo.

Wevo has remained independent right from the start. We are a family-owned business with products of uncompromising high quality that have made us highly successful in the global market. We are especially proud of that.