Our Wevosil products are used in applications requiring a wide operating temperature range and high elasticity. Along with high thermal conductivity, this makes them ideal for thermal management applications and targeted heat removal from modules.

Some Wevosil products are flame resistant and have UL 94 V-0 approval. Their adaptability for process and curing time provides a high degree of flexibility in production processes. Good compressibility also makes them suitable for use in mechanically demanding applications.

Main product features

  • 1:1 mixing ratio possible; simple processing
  • Adjustable curing profiles
  •  Filled and unfilled systems
  • Good temperature cycle behaviour
  • Self-extinguishing systems in accordance with UL 94 V-0
  • Shore hardness ranging from gelatinous to Shore D 30
  • Systems with stable dielectric properties, even at high temperatures
  • Operating temperature range: -60 °C to +200 °C
  • Superior damping characteristics
  • Thermally conductive pastes as gap fillers up to 3.6 W/m·K
  • Wide range of rheological properties

Overview of representative silicone products

*File-Nr. E108835
WEVOSIL Component A 26005 FL 22005 FL 20200
WEVOSIL Component B 26005 FL 22005 FL 20200
Operating temperature [°C] -60 to +200 -60 to +180 -60 to +180
Flammability V-0, 4 mm* V-0, 2 mm* HB
Shore hardness 00/A/D 60–70 / -- / -- --/ 55–65 / -- gel
Glass transition temperature [°C] -55 -45 -50
Thermal conductivity [W/m·K] 2,5 1,5 0,2

WEVOSIL delivers high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and elasticity.