We provide our customers with tailor-made solutions for their specific needs. Beginning with customised polyurethane, epoxy and silicone systems, our range of service expertise also encompasses technical proficiency and logistics. Customers in over 50 countries worldwide value our expertise – and know that we either have an immediate solution at hand or will develop a customised product to meet their individual needs.

Product tailoring

Regardless of size or specialisation, Wevo´s 400+ formulations provide optimum solutions for casting, bonding and sealing electric and electronic parts. More than 75 years of chemical expertise and application experience are applied to every product we develop to deliver safe protective solutions.

Testing and application support

Wevo is able to meet our clients’ specific product design and manufacturing requirements using our vast selection of resin solutions and unrivalled processing experience. Our Technical Centre is equipped with a complete range of dispensing equipment and offers a wide variety of test evaluations for new projects and chemical developments. Included in this process are prototyping, troubleshooting and customer training. More than 100 test days a year testify to the full support we offer our customers in this field. We also cooperate closely with dispensing equipment manufacturers to ensure the processability and optimal performance of our products, irrespective of application or process demands.

After-sales service

After the start of production and throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, Wevo collaborates with its customers to ensure they have the technical and logistical services and support necessary to reach optimal performance.

Flexible logistics

Our flexible "can do" attitude enables Wevo to meet  all packaging and dispatching requirements. We support all modes of transportation, sample shipping and thermal transport of goods in accordance with our clients’ specific material needs. In addition, we are able to design custom packaging concepts based on forecast demands.