Our WEVOPUR products are known for their highly configurable reactivity and flow characteristics. Their adhesive properties ensure reliable bonding and sustained protection of electronic components against aggressive ambient conditions. Thermal stability at continuous operating temperatures up to 165 °C expands the deployment range, even in demanding applications. Flame-retardant properties in accordance with UL 94 V-0 can also be achieved, even with thin layers.

The filling characteristics of the resin components increase thermal conductivity, enabling designers to achieve optimal thermal management. WEVOPUR is also mechanically versatile with properties ranging from gel-like to elastomeric and impact-resistant to high dimensional stability. Clear, UV-stable systems are also available for transparent applications.

Main product features

  • Broad hardness range: Shore 00 to D 90
  • Adjustable flow properties
  • Filled and unfilled systems
  • Good temperature cycle behaviour
  • Clear, UV-resistant systems
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Self-extinguishing systems in accordance with UL 94 V-0
  • Good adhesion not only on conventional thermoplastics, but also on high-performance plastics such as LCP, BMC, etc.
  • Operating temperature range: -60 °C to +165 °C
  • Pot life adjustable from 1 to 90 minutes
  • Thermal conductivity up to 2.0 W/m·K

Overview of representative polyurethane products

* File-No. E108835
WEVOPUR 552 FL PD 4 403 FL/33
WEVONAT 300 385 300 RE
Operating temperature [°C] -40 bis +130 -60 bis +120 -50 to +165
Flammability V-0, 1.5 mm* HB V-0, 1.6 mm*
Shore hardness A/D -- / 60–70 60–75 / -- -- / 40–50
Glass transition temperature [°C] 15 -60 -6
Dielectric constant ε at 23 °C, 50 Hz 5.6 3.1 5.7

WEVOPUR offers versatile and adjustable reactivity and flowability.