The name SCIO, Esperanto for “knowledge”, expresses our aspiration to combine scientific facts with topical issues in this magazine. We bridge the gap between global technological developments and economic issues – always with a positive view of the future and in search of new solutions and opportunities.

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The reinvention of innovation

In a business world that’s changing at an ever-faster pace, innovation is more important than ever. As a management task, it is ideally a structured and goal-oriented process. We look at trends as well as best practice examples of successful innovation management.



Naturally smart

The digital transformation of agriculture is taking place in the barn and out in the fields – using cameras, chips and sensors. Or in the form of data, which enables the work to be done in a more targeted and efficient manner. Animal welfare, the environment and climate protection are also benefitting from digitalisation.


Pillars of electromobility

The transition to electromobility is essential if the climate goals set by the German government for the transport sector are to be achieved. This also includes a well-developed charging infrastructure. Here’s a quick look at the current situation in Germany, the players and the components.



Under power

Among other things, systems for storing renewable energy have to be further developed if the energy transition is to succeed. One such technology is redox flow batteries. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute ICT, Wevo has examined the possible applications of various materials.


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